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    William J. Majeski

    William J. Majeski is the President of Majeski Associates Inc., an Investigative Firm in operation since 1988, creating solutions and serving the needs of clients worldwide.

    Mr. Majeski is a veteran of the New York City Police Department where he had a distinguished career for 21 years as a Detective and earned a reputation for being sagacious. His law enforcement expertise encompasses a vast array of criminal and internal investigations, from Homicides through to Political Corruption. That experience has been significantly enhanced over the past 15 years, providing solutions to corporate, business, legal and private clients.

    During his tenure as an NYPD Detective, Bill focused on complex Investigations. Periodically, he took on other assignments; serving as a Panel Member of the Civilian Complaint Board, as a Delegate for the Detective Endowment Association and was selected as a Committee Member to evaluate current and develop new departmental investigative procedures.

    Mr. Majeski has a BS Degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and is a graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy, Quantico, Virginia. Over the years he has successfully completed numerous complex investigations, becoming a recognized specialist in areas of corporate litigation, white-collar crime, internal corruption, personal solutions and interviewing techniques. He developed the Power Interview.

    Since 1974, he has been a practicing polygraph examiner for both law enforcement and the private sector. Mr. Majeski has personally conducted thousands of interviews, interrogations and polygraph examinations. He currently holds membership in a number of national polygraph organizations. He is the former President of the New York State Polygraph Association. He also served on the Board of Directors for the American Association of Police Polygraphists.

    He is a former Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Criminal Justice Program of Long Island University, and for ten years directed academic programs as the Chief Instructor for the New York Institute of Polygraph Science. Mr. Majeski lectures on interviewing techniques, investigative procedures, polygraph methodology and a host of other topics to corporate, private and government sectors. Mr. Majeski has written many articles for professional journals and has been published in Parade Magazine. He has had the distinction of being featured in many publications including: Time Magazine, the Sunday New York Times and the New York Daily News. He is the author of "The Lie Detection Book"(a book on body language), which was published by Ballantine Publications. Additionally he is a co-compiler of a textbook titled "Corporate Investigations", published by Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company.

    Mr. Majeski has appeared on a number of television variety shows and numerous radio programs in connection with his expertise in The Art and Science of Polygraph and the Interpretation of Body Language.

    Over the past two years, Mr. Majeski has made more than eighty appearances on FOX NEWS, MSNBC and Court TV all with regard to his expertise on investigative procedures. His analysis, evaluation and assessment on current high profile investigations has been shared with the hosts and audiences of numerous live News shows.