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Most acts of workplace violence are preventable. Almost always, the aggressor telegraphs their intentions long before any violent activity takes place. Often the aggressor exhibits behavior or engages in dialogue, which is the pre-cursor of the manifestation of anger in the form of violent activity.
Employees need to feel safe and employers have an obligation to eliminate the conditions which allow potential violence to fester.
The courts have ruled that employers are liable for acts of violence to employees by other co-workers when the employer knew or should have known that some action could occur and neglected to take reasonable steps to prevent it from happening.

Manager at a deposition

"…Paulie was always unhappy with his job, we kind of got used to his complaining. So when he started kicking desks and then punching walls we just avoided him. Then like out of no where…."

Owner at a Court Hearing

"…who has time to deal with all the crazy personalities, we have schedules to meet. How was I to know that Gordon was going to do that. I didn't even know he owned a gun."

Malcontent employees who are constantly criticizing management and co-workers are not only disruptive to the business environment but they are potentially dangerous. Fear of retaliation usually dissuades confrontation. However, most experts agree that inappropriate workplace behavior should not be overlooked, but rather addressed as soon as it rears its ugly head. Disgruntled and angry employees can only thrive in an environment which allows their behavior.

Majeski Associates Inc. can offer your organization a comprehensive training program, which will help to identify potentially dangerous situations. Your supervisors and managers will learn methods to defuse, contain and prevent explosive situations and aggressive employees. We will also address your needs for a reporting mechanism by which employees can safely communicate their concerns.


File a Report (In any immediate emergency, call 911)

If you know of an employee who is planning or openly speaking about committing an act of violence against other employees, the employer or the company, you now have the opportunity to file a report. By sending an e-mail to Help@Majeski.net, your complaint, if legitimate, will be forwarded to the appropriate person at the offending company. All e-mails must include detailed information plus contact information. Someone from Majeski Associates Inc. will respond to you first, to discuss the situation, then contact will be made to the organization being threatened.