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Every corporation in the world and every small business have something in common. They will all suffer losses as a result of some unlawful or careless activity. Each year profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars are lost from the bottom line. Some of those losses can be prevented and most of those losses could be minimized.

Majeski Associates Inc. will identify internal and external conditions that exist which could eventually become problematic to your reputation, deleterious to your fiscal well being, compromising to your personnel or dangerous to your physical structures. Our associates will also introduce and develop programs that will prevent many problems from ever occurring. If the problem already exists we will provide the solutions .

Our Risk Analysis programs are microscopic examinations to allow corporate leaders to make informed strategic decisions which will protect the organization and significantly improve the bottom line.

Limiting Liability
Identify all areas of potential litigation.
Make recommendations to correct or eliminate dangerous conditions.
Threat Assessment
Identify vulnerabilities and establish preventive measures.
Create and develop a fail-safe program.
Facility and Systems Analysis
Identify faults or weaknesses within the system.
Survey and assess the facility and surrounding area.
Establish procedural actions under various conditions.
Close down avenues of corporate losses.