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What is a Polygraph Test?

In theory the polygraph is based on the hypothesis that conscious deception can be deduced from certain involuntary physiological responses. This is all predicated on questions which are answered with a simple yes or a simple no. The examiner asks the subject the question, the subject thinks about the answer to that question then responds to it. That psycho physiological response is then measured and memorialized onto a chart.

What is a polygraph?

The actual polygraph instrument is either a computerized instrument or an electronically enhanced pneumatic instrument. They are both capable of simultaneously recording at least three physiological indicators. The cardiovascular component measures changes in the blood pressure and heart rate; the respiration component measures the depth and rate of breathing; and the GSR or galvanic skin reflex measures the conductivity of electricity across the surface of the skin.

What about the testing procedure?

(Procedures vary depending upon the type of test being performed)

The polygraph examination procedure is generally divided into three segments. The pre-test interview, the actual testing and the post-test.

The pre-test interview phase of the polygraph procedure is divided into three segments. The first segment will consist of queries made by the examiner of the subject about his or her background. The second segment is a lengthy discussion relating to the reason for the test. This gives the examiner the criteria by which the questions for the testing will be established. The third segment includes the question formulation and the question review, with the person being tested.

The testing phase includes an explanation of the components and attachments will be followed by a final review of the questions. Three or four specifically relevant questions are intermingled among other questions on each of three or four charts. After an analysis and evaluation of the charts, the examiner will render an opinion that will be either no deception indicated, deception indicated or inconclusive. The procedure will be concluded with a post-test interview.


In business situations a polygraph test is not always the best answer. Majeski Associates Inc. often recommends that clients utilize the POWER INTERVIEW to resolve their problems. The POWER INTERVIEW, was developed by Mr. Majeski more then twenty years ago and has been successfully used over the years to find solutions to many internal problems. It is a dynamic, systematic and intensified process in which all parties involved are given an opportunity to individually and at times collectively participate in determining the truth.