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Corporate and Business DECISION MAKERS bear the ethical and fiduciary responsibility to ensure that their investment, borrowing and other financial decisions are based on reliable, comprehensive and current information.

The safe management and distribution of funds and resources entrusted to the decision-maker requires research. The necessary gathering of facts requires a conscientious and consuming effort. Often the information is not readily available through normal channels and the time constraints could result in errors of omission.

Majeski Associates Inc., through its extensive information network and experienced personnel, will be able to supply you with accurate, illuminating, and sensitive information. Through intensive research, confidential interviewing and other investigative techniques, this gathering of intelligence allows our clients to make the most informed decisions.

Whether your business operates in the local, national or international arena, consult us before making that strategic decision. Reliable and accurate information enables you to maintain that competitive edge and fend off potential liabilities.

Background Analysis
Obtain detailed profiles on all individuals associated with the matter.
A complete assessment of the organization involved.
Financial Research
Research and obtain Corporate Financial profiles and individual financial profiles on all parties relevant to the transaction.
Conflict of Interest
Probe outside influences. Identify executives, individuals or organizations that might have unrealized influence in the company's decision making.
Litigation History
Research the litigation history of all individuals currently involved as well as former executives who had operational authority of the organization.
Research the litigation history of the organization and trace its roots.
Fraud Probes
Identify any current or prior criminal and civil investigations which might have impacted the organization or their current and former executives.
Strategies and trends
Ascertain the trends within their industry.
Determine the past, current and projected strategies and how they impacted the target organization.
Business Intelligence
Determine the reputation of the target organization and how current and former clients perceive it as well as its competitors.
Evidence on performance
Internal research, from the bottom up and the top down.
From the mailroom and maintenance, through to executive secretary and management.