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The Judge rendered a guilty verdict, remanding the defendant.
At that point the defendant turned to his lawyer and said,
"What do we do now?"
The lawyer said "I donít know about you, but Iím going to lunch!"
That lawyer was not working with an investigator.

The vast majority of prosecutions are the result of law enforcement investigations. The success or failure of those prosecutions is heavily reliant on case information developed by investigators. Defense attorneys, like prosecutors, are skilled professionals who rely on the information to make their case. Most successful defense attorneys solicit the assistance of competent investigators to gather all available information and help in developing their client's defense.

Majeski Associates Inc. has the resources to find and develop all of the information necessary to advance a judicious defense. Our investigators are skilled professionals with years of experience at successfully helping to defend and prosecute all criminal activity. Homicide, rape, assault, theft, organized crime, white-collar crime and corruption are among the many types of investigative experience we can offer.

A good defense can only be mounted with a full comprehension of the prosecutor's approach. It is only then that a logical point by point defense can develop. Most prosecutions are the result of investigations that gather only a sufficient amount of evidence to move forward with a prosecution. Time, money and caseload inhibit prosecutorial investigations from gathering more than just the necessary elements needed to move forward. That's akin to selecting the finest apples from the tree. From a defense prospective that leaves, at times, bushels of information that was never revealed because it was never picked from the tree.

Case Analysis and Evaluation
Comprehensive examination of case facts, assessment of circumstances surrounding the issues and insight into the quality and composition of the case.
Scrutinize evidence, witnesses and crime scenes.
Assess case dynamics and identify flaws.
Ascertain new areas of exploration untouched by prosecution.
Defense Support
Conduct independent investigation with extensive interviews.
Identify, locate and develop defense witnesses.
Detect any idiosyncrasies of witnesses.
Verify witness accounts and alibis.
Identify and gather evidence.
Forensic support.

Criminal Investigations for the Prosecution

Investigative and support services are made available to small towns, villages and municipalities as well as corporate entities. Sensitive internal investigations of a criminal nature often require the services of outside agencies. Conflict of interest, politics, conspiratorial issues, friendship, loyalty and empathy are among the many issues which could interfere with comprehensive and complete internal investigations.

Majeski Associates Inc. offers the opportunity for an unencumbered and legitimate internal investigation which will yield results. This will allow the interested parties to make an informed decision based on the facts and without fear of having the investigation compromised.