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The statistical probability of a business organization being problem free in any given year is extremely low. Eventually and sometimes often, serious situations arise that require an expeditious and discreet response. The proficiency associated with assessing and evaluating the situation and then designing an appropriate plan of action is essential and tantamount to a successful conclusion.

At Majeski Associates Inc., our seasoned and professional associates are adept at quickly comprehending complex situations and understanding the intricacies and sensitivities involved in any internal investigation.

Uncertainty and hesitation are the enemies which lie at the door of corporate executives who want to believe that problem conditions will unravel themselves or dissipate with time. The odds are against that happening. The truth is that those problem situations usually evolve into a very complex state of affairs. The fiscal bottom line is always affected and company morale and reputation are always in jeopardy. We have the solutions to your problems.

Board of Directors Protection
In our current litigious business environment the proverbial veil of protection no longer exists. C.Y.A.
Employees involved in these types of activities are often suspect long before anyone takes action.
Early suspicion should not be ignored.
Corporate Espionage
Identify the spy and the network.
Damage assessment and damage control.
Patent and Copyright Infringements
Identify the channels of distribution and their sources.
Trademark Violations
Identify violators.
Coordinate with law enforcement or prepare and coordinate civil remedies.
Breach of Contract
Provide suitable evidence for successful prosecution or litigation.
Pre-Employment Background
This cost effective measure prevents numerous problems from ever occurring.
Theft Investigations
Define the depth of the problem and identify both internal and external violators.
Prepare all necessary information for prosecution or litigation.
Electronic Countermeasures
Detect electronic eavesdropping devices and secure the premises.